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Letter: Support Schwartz

I co-founded the environmental activist group Ancient Forest Rescue (AFR) in 1989. AFR became the subject of a movie, “Through the Eyes of the Forest,” and recently a novel, “Never Summer.” Our tactics were entirely nonviolent, but civil disobedience was often employed. Our main reason for existence was preservation of old-growth forests in Colorado, but more generally, ecologically intact federal lands were of great concern to us.

Now in any election we pray for a candidate who advocates for our public lands, in this case Gail Schwartz. Her opponent, Scott Tipton, briefly stated, advocates for the 1 percent. These are interesting times. If you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green or an independent who cares about the future of our public lands, we can join together on this.

Martin (Marty) Walter

Boulder County

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