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Letter: Support seniors

What is the city of Glenwood doing for its seniors?

Are you aware that Carbondale and Rifle have scheduled trips for their seniors? When I was still working full time some years ago, I would take a vacation day to go on the city of Glenwood trips. It was always a fun day whether we were headed to see the ice show in Denver, a baseball game, IMAX theater, museums, the Denver Symphony or the yearly trip over the pass to see the beautiful fall colors. There was usually one trip each month.

Now that I am fully retired and have the time, there are no trips planned with the exception of going with Carbondale’s recreation center. That’s only if they are headed through Glenwood.

So wake up, Glenwood. There is a big need for many people like myself who would really enjoy getting out of town for a day. It would be so much fun to be able to look forward to trips (like mentioned) again.

Think about this, as Glenwood being the county seat, shouldn’t these smaller towns be looking to us for planned ideas? I won’t even touch the idea of having a much-needed senior center.

Joan George

Glenwood Springs

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