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Letter: Supporting Alberico for clerk

Recently I attended a poll watcher training and was amazed at all the laws and rules related to the day of the election. The pamphlet that I was given was about ½ inch thick with all the things to look for, watch out for and to be suspicious of happening on the day of the election.

The person who I trust to continue doing a great job following all these rules, laws and regulations is Jean Alberico. Over the last six months attending parades, events and speaking to her on a personal basis, I have come to admire her strength and knowledge.

She knows this stuff inside and out. She knows how to assist the disabled to vote. She knows what is necessary to run an efficient and exceptional election with 51 different ballots across our county. She is as honest, authentic and genuine as the day is long especially on the summer solstice.

She is the most capable person in Garfield County to conduct our elections in a free and fair manner, accept the people’s marriage licenses, and process the car licensing and real estate titles.

There were a few criminals that thought they could get something over on her, but she and others that work in that office assisted by law enforcement caught them. She should be viewed as a hero. Therefore, I am endorsing and voting for Jean Alberico.

If you haven’t turned your ballot in, I would suggest you drop it off at the courthouse as soon as possible. And remember let’s re-elect Jean.

Renee McCullough

Glenwood Springs

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