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Letter: Supports fellow Americans

The talking heads of the Fourth Estate don’t know when to stop talking. First the local papers told us undereducated deplorables how only racists or homophobes or woman haters would vote for the Donald. Then they told us all the polls gave the Donald no chance whatsoever of winning. Over. Done, stick a fork in it.

Well I sure do thank the liberal, drive-by media (especially the Post Independent) for giving false confidence and ergo low voter turnout among Democrats. Overeducated op-ed writers, including intelligent conservatives like George Will, gave victory in print to Hillary and in reality to the Donald.

As for not knowing when to stop talking, our local PI editor presumes to tell valley worker bees how to view half-price foreign nationals who lower everyone’s wages and quality of life. When you hear how important workers here illegally are to the economy, ask yourself, whose economy? The 1 percent in the Kingdom of Aspen who charge you a C-note and a half to ski on public land? Are we really concerned?

If we’d actually enforce our present immigration laws, the wages of all legal worker bees would more than double, just from supply and demand economics. The Kingdom would just open its bottomless purse a tad wider. What’s pocket change to them would be a real living wage to worker bees.

Everyone makes choices. The PI chooses to support foreign nationals at the expense of citizens. I choose to support my fellow Americans.

Bruno Kirchenwitz

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