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Letter: Sweetheart deal questioned

Colorado Mountain College should put out a job submission request, published nationally, before they hand a choice job — a deanship — to the highly controversial and widely unpopular — unpopular at least within the Aspen business community — to the outgoing Aspen mayor Steve “Sayonara” Skadron.

Skadron is an anti-business, left-wing ideologue. Skadron would never win a deanship through a nationally competitive process, a process that we citizens must demand that public institutions uphold. It would appear that Skadron has been handed an under-the-table, sweetheart deal from unaccountable liberal bureaucrats who obviously want to grease the skids to take CMC on a leftward lurch.

I say we citizens should demand that Steve Skadron’s job offer be rescinded. A proper vetting process to all applicants across the United States should follow, and a competitive job offer should ensue.

Let Skadron compete with hundreds of other applicants. This is what Aspen is doing with its city manager job position. We should demand that CMC do the same.

Otherwise, the rational conclusion is obvious: CMC’s liberal bureaucrats want to turn their institution of higher learning into a liberal indoctrination camp.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village

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