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Letter: Tackling homelessness requires coordination

With regards to the homeless issue, what are we collectively avoiding? Something I always hate to admit has been pointed out to be a problem that must be addressed in order to address all others.

There is tremendous lack of coordination between all the entities involved — the nonprofits, the government, the neighborhoods, the homeless themselves — so there is little dialogue where much is needed. I don’t know if it is a sign of the times or it’s something imported from more hostile environs like the big cities, but across the boards we’ve become cliquish in nature.

Small town identity used to be that everyone knew each other’s business — in a good way. Now it is too easy to point fingers and blame everything on one thing or another. Seldom it’s what is actually the source, but rather a generality or plain old hearsay. We used to not be like this. We need to become more coordinated so as to be a town about it.

Each nonprofit, governmental department, etc., needs to be straightforward and honest with each other as to what their actions can actually effect — what they are actually doing. Most importantly, how what we are trying to do is affecting the purpose and goals of the other entities addressing some portion of the issue. In short, coordinate cause with effect and effects with reality, such as the fact the business of flying a sign or the right to sleep may trump all efforts to sweep them under the rug and thus cause bigger problems than before uncoordinated remedy marched us into conflict.

It’s time all involved stop cowering into the skin of our own little bubble and our own want and needs and be honest with each other as to what we are getting done, what we aren’t, where there may be unnecessary overlap or where overlap would be more effective than current efforts. In short, operate as a team with each knowing what are the strengths or limitations of each other. How one’s resources can help the goals of the other and vice versa.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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