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Letter: Talk about warming

It is good to see the number of civic-minded volunteers who are throwing their hats in the ring for Glenwood City Council. Each was asked to explain a little of what they are interested in. Unfortunately, not one chose to mention the most serious issue facing each and every one of us.

The email I just received from Pinnacol that supplies worker’s comp insurance does mention this issue. OSHA is issuing warnings to employers that they need to take into account protection for the employees because of new research on climate change. Already rising temperatures will affect worker health and safety. Workers will suffer from more heat, especially in cities.

New buildings will be much tighter and workers can suffer from “sick building syndrome” resulting from stale air. Outdoors we can expect more wildfires, lightning, floods and landslides. More diseases like “valley fever” due to dust, and viruses from insects like mosquitoes and ticks are expected. Pesticides will also cause illness.

Some people in public office make a point of avoiding any discussion of global warming. They try to avoid criticism. Many Glenwood residents feel that climate change does not exist, or is not something to waste time or money on.

But as you can see, insurance companies and organizations that protect public safety are convinced there is a big and serious problem. The problem of rising temperature is going to change almost everything that happens in Glenwood Springs. The job of the City Council should be to minimize those effects. But nothing will be done if we don’t talk about the issue.

Patrick Hunter

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