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Letter: Tax bill deception

Representative Tipton claimed in his op-ed of Nov. 29 that Republican tax reforms will help “at every tax level, especially Americans at the low and middle income level.” This is a great deception.

Independent analyses show the reform’s benefits are skewed to the ultra-wealthy. The middle-class benefits will sunset before the end of the decade. Deductions for expensive medical treatment and education will disappear.

The 479-page Senate bill and the House bill have significant differences which must be reconciled. Even better, the entire process should begin again, with meaningful hearings by relevant committees. Republicans’ rush to claim a major legislative accomplishment has produced very flawed policy.

Independent economic analyses show the Republican plan(s) blowing a $1.4-$1.9 trillion hole in the budget, a hole that will be filled in future by cutting Medicare and Social Security and putting millions off health coverage.

Stop this abomination. Call Mr. Tipton and Mr. Gardner today!

David Schroeder

New Castle


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