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Letter: Tax cut hurts average Americans

The Nov. 28 New York Times opinion page, with David Leonhard, outlines the four major deceptions being used by Republicans to pass a reprehensible “Tax Reform” bill. He confirms what other independent analyses have shown. It is required reading to be an informed voter.

The bill, unless it is completely overhauled, is a flat giveaway to the wealthy and corporations. The initial tax cuts for the lower end of the economic spectrum are reversed before the end of the decade, while the cuts for the rich are permanent. This, as well as other provisions, will continue the “trickle up” flow of wealth to the wealthiest which has rendered much of the middle class downwardly mobile over at least two generations.

We “average Americans” will surely recognize the damage we will experience under these Republican policies and repay them at the ballot box for their decisions on this bill.

David Schroeder

New Castle

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