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Letter: Teachers deserve better

After conferences at Glenwood Springs Middle School last week, my sixth-grade daughter and I were walking out of her classroom and she says to me, “Mom, I knew the first time I sat down in my teacher’s class that she was going to be my favorite teacher.”

Little did she know that I had just had a candid conversation with this favorite teacher about the displacement of the teachers throughout the school district, and she was rightfully distraught.

I am saddened, with the rest of our community, that our school district has not safeguarded the careers of our local teaching staff prior to bringing in green teachers from the Front Range. I am proud of our families for standing with teachers at the recent hearing, though it seems our school board is unmoved.

As a mother of four school-age children, please know how valuable your imprint on their lives has been. Know that we parents stand with you through this utter betrayal.

Joy White
Glenwood Springs

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