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Letter: Thank God?

Regarding Stan Rachesky’s recent letter: Really? Thank God for Donald Trump because of his position on illegal immigration. You were born in 1939? How many immigrants here illegally contributed to you? How much produce did they harvest for your consumption — lettuce, strawberries, raspberries, onions, garlic, celery?

They worked in poultry, beef and pork plants. Stan, Have you ever killed chickens all day every day? Want that for your kids or grandchildren? Ever spend all day every day digging post holes in West Texas in the heat, the cold, the wind and living in a tin shack, sending your money home so that your children could have a life better than your’s?

Were you a “Redtail,” a black fighter pilot, a grandson of slaves giving your life to a country that would not let you share a bathroom with a white man? Are you familiar with the 442, the most decorated infantry regiment of World War II, a regiment made of Japanese-American men whose families were back home in internment camps?

Stan, I’m pretty sure that God didn’t pick Donald Trump any more than he picks sides in a high school football game.

Marco Diaz

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