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Letter: Thanks for good cops

I never realized how much information is required to be a good cop. Good cops are born not made. Staying objective and steady while giving up self-concern for the betterment of the public is a big oath. In some ways it is like drawing a lottery ticket before a police person starts their duty shift. Never wanting to be the pick of the day.

Sandeep Dhaliwal, the deputy who was shot to death this week, is one of at least 200 peace officers every year who are killed on duty. Sandeep is special to me, because he was the first American Sikh to wear a turban on duty as a deputy, peace officer in the United States. Of course, in Northern India near the Pakistan border, the homeland of the Sikhs, all officials wear turbans. This tradition is the standard of dress which distinguishes him or her as a human being dedicated to life of truthful living.

So, be nice next time you interact with a peace officer. They really are good people doing the best they can.

Remember if you don’t want to be caught, don’t do it.

Paramroop Khalsa,

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