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Letter: Thanks, RFSD staff

The staff of the Roaring Fork Schools has done an incredible job staying positive this fall despite the widespread inconveniences of construction – both on the bridge and our school facilities – and our unusually busy calendar. We knew our fall schedule would be tough, and it has been.

Last year, we determined that we needed to delay the start of the school year to accommodate the construction, and the strong consensus of teachers and parents was that we did not want to end school much later in June. Consequently, we had to squeeze more school days into a shorter period of time. Our staff are about to finish a long stretch without three-day weekends, fall breaks or other chances to take a breather. And conferences are just around the corner, with no time allocated for them.

Our staff deserves an appreciation for their perseverance and dedication as we finish this challenging stretch.

Rob Stein

Superintendent, Roaring Fork Schools

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