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Letter: Thanks, Sen. Bennet

Last month, Senator Michael Bennet reintroduced a bill in Congress to permanently withdraw the Thompson Divide from any future oil and gas development. As a rancher who runs cattle with the North Thompson cattle association, I fully support the Thompson Withdrawal and Protection Act and wish to thank Sen. Bennet for offering a fair and sensible solution.

Our community enjoyed a major victory last fall when 25 leases in the Divide were canceled. While this is great news, there is still a chance that the decision could be overturned in court, or by a new administrative decision. Getting Congress to close the area to oil and gas leasing is the surest way to guarantee that it is forever protected for the many benefits it currently provides.

My ranching operation is dependent on the grazing permits in Thompson Divide. In addition to grazing leases, Thompson Divide is important to the entire community. It provides hunting, fishing and recreation opportunities, boosting our economy and providing quality of life. It provides habitat for all kinds of wildlife and is an important migration corridor. This is multiple use that benefits our entire community.

I hope the rest of Colorado’s legislators will support this bill and help ensure it is passed into law. Thank you, Sen. Bennet, for continuing to work to protect Colorado communities.

Bill Fales

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