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Letter: Thanks to Feinsinger

Excellent column in the June 27 PI, Dr. Feinsinger. I am so grateful for your work and credit you with my conversion and successful adaptation to the WFPB (no oil) lifestyle for over two years now. Besides reducing my cholesterol and reversing plaques, not a single cold or flu.

Often people say to me that they “like food too much” to eat this way. That is a misconception. Mercifully, the taste buds reset themselves fairly quickly, and I find the foods I eat now are more enjoyable than the salty, greasy, sweet taste that made me unhealthy.

Sure, you have to chop up a few more vegetables. But we have been seduced by the food industry to give up our health for a little convenience. Ouch. Trust me, you get used to chopping and peeling fruits and vegetables and once you get the hang of it and learn a few tricks, you can actually spend less time cooking.

Why I’m really writing though, is that with all of this talk of affordable health care, the most important aspect to health is constantly missing. Personal accountability. Having health insurance doesn’t make you healthy. The only thing that makes you healthy is taking personal responsibility for your health. Was it in “The Wizard of Oz” — something like, “Dorothy, you always had the power”? Living a healthy lifestyle is a personal choice, more powerful than any insurance policy.

Carol Turtle

Glenwood Springs

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