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Letter: Thanks to RFTA board

I would like to thank RFTA’s Board of Directors for their support in allowing e-bikes from Glenwood Springs to the Pitkin County line. This was a critical decision for Glenwood Springs for the bridge closure. However, it was an equally important decision going forward.

E-bikes are a wonderful asset to those of us who, for one reason or another, are no longer able to ride a regular bike for any distance or because we live up one of Glenwood’s steep hills. They are the wave of biking in the future. They get people out of cars, get them outdoors and exercising and reduce our carbon footprint. How can that be a bad thing?

And they are safe. After the RFTA meeting Thursday, I and two other council members rode e-bikes back to Glenwood that we have been lent for the duration of the detour. I may never go back to a regular bike.

Even though Pitkin County has placed a temporary ban on them, e-bikers will be welcome on trails from Glenwood Springs to the Pitkin County line. Come and dine and shop in Glenwood and have a ride around our beautiful city. We ask only that you are courteous to fellow trail users and follow our rules, particularly during our bridge closure as the trails will be the way many schoolchildren and other commuters get to and from work and school. We ask that drivers share the roads with all of our bicyclists. Patience is in order for the next 95 days.

The Rio Grande trail in Glenwood has been striped and is ready for use. We also have striped some of our main bike routes through town. Share the road and be on your best behavior.

The world seems to be looking to Glenwood to see how we handle this bridge closure and now e-bikes. Let’s be that marvelous example.

Kathryn Trauger

Mayor pro tem, Glenwood Springs

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