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Letter: Thanks to the workers

A big thank you to all the workers who have constructed our new Grand Avenue bridge.

Over the last few months, I have seen and heard complaints as well as positive remarks over our trying time without a main bridge. What I have not seen or heard is people thanking those that have been physically working day and night to bring this new bridge to our town. Maybe some have, but it has not been loud enough.

Every time I walked across the new pedestrian bridge to get to work or catch the bus home, I gave them all a silent thank you, and told my young daughter to as well. They were out there working hard to bring us this bridge.

Many complained about sitting in traffic for hours, but never did I hear a construction worker or police officer who was standing out there directing traffic and helping the flow complain. We got to sit in warm cars and drink our coffee, listening to music or talk to a friend, while they stood there for hours moving us along and keeping us safe.

The laborers worked all night while most of us were in bed sleeping. They were awake before us to get the next part of the bridge done. They were away from their families more than we were with our longer commutes. These amazing construction workers and engineers are not getting the credit they deserve.

They now have normal traffic driving on the bridge 10 days early, and with all four lanes open. That would not have happened if those building the bridge were not skilled, dedicated, smart and hardworking.

We are all so excited that this beautiful new bridge is open, so can we please give credit to where it belongs? To those that actually poured their sweat and blood into building it and getting it done early. We came together as a community to get through the detour, and many thanks to all the commuters who changed their ways. Let us remember that those that built the bridge have outdone themselves. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in their shoes constructing the bridge. So thank you so much to each and every laborer, designer, engineer that helped build our beautiful new bridge.

Megan Stewart

New Castle

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