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Letter: Thanks, Trump

I am pleased that our new social-political awareness is functioning so well. Trumpcare died because citizens realized we were being railroaded by Republicans who cared for the rich and corporate interests and cared little for the average and low-wage earner. Folks came out in droves to meet and phone representatives and senators, write letters, attend town halls, join marches and get the message out.

The same happened with the Muslim ban and is now happening with the wall and other decrees. Donald Trump has raised the consciousness and energized millions of folks around the world, creating peoples’ victories that have benefited from the Trump effect.

Chaos breeds chaos and aggression breeds resistance. America had 9 million more liberals voting in 2016 when we include Stein’s 2 million and Johnson’s 4 million votes. Trump won the Electoral College by 80,000 votes, split among three states. Thanks for your participation. Keep it up.

John Hoffmann

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