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Letter: The emperor has no clothes

The fiasco that was the failure of the GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Health Care law was a win for all Americans and showed us the truth about the Republican Party and its current leader.

Those of us who opposed the Trump candidacy during the primary and the campaign understood that he was at a minimum: 1) a liar; 2) a con man; 3) uneducated and not a smart man. This is now obvious. For those supporters who were sure that with his election they would miraculously have 100K appear in their checking accounts, you have been duped.

The list of Trump’s broken promises is long, but what has been confirmed is this: Trump has no clue what he’s gotten himself into, and the GOP, which had seven years to craft its own health-care bill, had no intention of helping Americans with health care. Their 60-plus votes to repeal the ACA were only done to crush President Obama’s bill and destroy his legacy.

After pulling the bill, Paul Ryan said, “Moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains” and “Doing big things is hard.” Ya think? The right wasn’t the opposition party but in fact the obstructionist party during the Obama years. The GOP has no interest in governing. It only wanted to stop President Obama’s agenda and to orchestrate the enriching of the richest Americans on the backs of the middle and lower classes.

All of this is happening under the cloud of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Wake up, America. Trump has financial ties with Russia. Demand the release of Trump’s tax returns and the formation of an independent commission to investigate his and his administration’s relationships in Russia. In the meantime, pressure your senators and congress members to stop all of Trump’s nominations — including Gorsuch for SCOTUS — until this debacle is resolved.

We must stop the destruction of American democracy. It’s happening right now.

Jo Jones

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