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Letter: The globetrotting commie

Will the real Bernie Sanders please stand up? Just who the hell is this old man from Vermont? We all know he’s a senator. So what? How did he get his ideas?

His father dropped out of high school and blamed society for his problems. Bernie had to listen to his father rant and rave over and over again about the economic injustices he had to endure. Bernie spent a large part of his life as an able-bodied college graduate collecting unemployment checks. His college enrollment kept him out of the draft.

Bernie joined socialist organizations and believed in far-left communist politics. He participated in the 1963 march on Washington, and various demonstrations. He was arrested once. Eventually he became obsessed with oppressive far-left Marxism (not democratic socialism).

He was married and divorced in 18 months. He dodged the draft by having a kid out of wedlock. He had no steady job and subsisted on odd carpentry work and unemployment checks.

In 1988 he married Jane Driscoll and honeymooned in Russia. He and his new wife shared the same far-left radical political views. Bernie visited the pro-Soviet Sandinista government in Nicaragua and his hero Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Bernie never held a full-time job his entire life and at the age of 40 he finally won an election to become the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and eventually a Senate seat. For all the years he represented Vermont he only passed three bills, and two of them were for naming U.S. post offices.

If you think about it Bernie is nothing more than deadbeat dad, a draft dodger and a globetrotting commie. Even the Democrats in Vermont have endorsed crooked Hillary.

This election is very important to all of us. Become a very informed voter. Don’t repeat what other people expound upon. Be an individual. Don’t vote selfishly — in other words think of your kids and grandkids. Look at the big picture, because this picture will shape your family’s future for the next 100 years.

What direction should we as a country take? What is best for us? Who will keep us the safest and what political party will make us most prosperous?

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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