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Letter: The glories of Trump

Do you realize or is it just my imagination that this paper supports only the lawbreakers in this country?

So far Obama failed to grant amnesty. Hillary would have granted amnesty, and then you and your bunch could have shouted to the highest level. Instead the Post Independent continues its whining and crying because Hillary didn’t win. There are lots of plain white ordinary folks in this valley who are tired of supporting the people here illegally. Oh, you can whine and cry all you want to, Essex, but the truth of the matter is that with Trump being president — and it wasn’t even a close call — that maybe the white kids can come back to the school and not have to go to a private school that our tax money is supporting, because you’re so sure that nobody wants to clean their own toilet.

Oh, let’s just cry about those who need to leave here and take all of your kids with you. So 75 percent of the kids may have to pack up and leave. Well, it’s their parents’ fault and nobody else.

It’s the parents’ fault that they don’t want to become a citizen. Maybe instead of buying that big old fancy $50,000 pickup that you paid cash for, you should have made yourself a citizen of this country. Maybe even our hospital might not have to let you have free babies. No more freebies. I don’t feel a bit sorry for them.

Congress needs to make it so you are not considered a citizen if you’re born here from parents who are not here legally.

We all voted for Trump, except for Colorado, which means that the few white people who live here anymore do not count. But we pay our own tab. We live off of next to nothing.

We are going to be writing this president and telling him that we want them deported. They can either become a citizen with their kids or they can trot themselves back across the border and take care of their own country and take their kids with them. They are welcomed here by our governor, because after all Dumocrats need the votes, so don’t be spreading rumors that Hillary should have won.

You and Hickenlooper and Bennet can take your whiny asses out of Colorado and out of this country. You lost. Ha, ha, ha.

Audrey Jane Spaulding

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