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Letter: The invincible shadow

I want my news fix. Make it entertaining. I don’t care about sources and accuracy. I want the story to precede fact.

A crazy person may be sane … if you buy the premise. The members of Congress and the press are crazy because they lost track of reality, spoon fed by a “shadow.” Our highest ranking general/president had a name for it in his Farewell Address. Suffice to say, this “shadow” looks out for its own interests in the guise of keeping us, the U.S., safe.

It is now the fourth branch of government after Congress, the court and executive branches. “Shadow” is a good name, but it doesn’t resonate with the other three. It’s not supposed to. It is an entity unto itself. It eats up a good portion of the federal budget. It is necessary — in small doses, but when it outgrows its intended purpose, it looks for other purposes. It is invincible and unaccountable. We want the invincible, not the unaccountable. Ever wonder about the unaccountable source of leaks and “fake news?”

This is the kind of bither-bather our forefathers fought against. We would have already begun a war with Russia if Hillary were elected, just to keep the “shadow” happy. The “shadow” does not give up. It’s still trying with Trump.

Ironic that a part of the USSR famous for vampires, has found a home within the U.S. Thanks “shadow.” More likely attributed to the weaker side of human nature, rather than Russia. Sorry, all you “daisy-down-the-gun-barrel” pushers. Oh, yeah: “make love, not war.”

This is no good, on any number of levels when there is so much injustice throughout the world, and so much untapped potential in the universe.

Fred Stewart
Grand Junction

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