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Letter: The need to drive

Let me begin by saying that I have been dealing with the “one-hour delays” since the end of May when construction began on the roundabouts in West Glenwood. Since then I have been made to feel guilty, shameful and downright evil by the city of Glenwood Springs because I have to maintain a job that exists south of the Grand Avenue bridge detour.

I do sincerely apologize for the chronic back pain I deal with on a daily basis, as well as the 90-pound Great Pyrenees stray my family rescued several years ago that cannot make it through a single trip through an afternoon GAB detour without wetting herself, let alone the 10-plus hours that she would have to be at home unattended if I chose to ride a bicycle rather than drive (as demanded by the GSPD).

If you cannot tell, I am being extremely sarcastic. I do not apologize, and I feel it offensive as well as inconsiderate to many of those “single occupant” drivers like myself who simply do not have an alternative option. Yes, I make my difference whenever I possibly can and ride my bicycle; however I cannot make that promise seven days a week for 100-plus days of “planned disaster” through the monsoon season and onset of winter in this region.

Why was this problem not addressed 20 years ago when the GAB’s lifespan actually expired? I could go on, but it has proven pointless and falls upon deaf ears every time I try. Good luck all. You elected this management.

Chet Haltom

Glenwood Springs

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