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Letter: The people governing us are not listening

Do you know: 87 percent of Americans support DACA? This figure includes 79 percent of Republicans. The opposition to Trump’s separation of small children from their mothers at the border is as high as 88 percent. We need immigration reform. I am not advocating for open borders — just some common sense and compassion.

A recent poll also showed that 70 percent of voters — including a majority of Republicans — support Medicare for all. Even Fox News had to admit that Obamacare was more popular than the tax cut. Yet Republicans, who have had complete power these past two years, have done nothing to improve our health care system. Instead they have only tried to tear it down, and in the process of their attacks have increased our premiums, which are the highest in the nation. Pre-existing condition coverage will go next.

Sen. McConnell recently stated that if the Republicans control Congress, Medicaid and Social Security cuts will be on the table. What he didn’t say is that this is needed to pay for the tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations.

80 percent of the tax cut benefits went to the top 20 percent. In the mean time it is blowing a huge hole in the federal deficit. The current estimate is 1 trillion dollars this year alone. Did you get a raise? Trump promised about $4,000/year. I thought Republicans cared about the deficit, as evidenced by the obstructionism during the Obama years. Scott Tipton used to have a debt counter on his website. It isn’t there anymore. I wonder why? I have asked, but no response.

Universal background checks to purchase a firearm are at 90 percent or more approval. But do we have such laws?

There is so much more, and I haven’t even gotten to the most important subject of all — climate change.

The people governing us are not listening. We need progressive representation at all levels. Please vote for our local candidates Paula Stepp, Jean Alberico and Colin Wilhelm. State wide, vote for Jared Polis, Jena Griswold, Phil Weiser and Dave Young. And Diana Mitsch Bush for Congress.

Donna Yost,

Glenwood Springs

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