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Letter: Thoughts on Russia

Why do we want people like Mike Morell, a CIA bureaucrat/technocrat, setting the national agenda, anymore than was wanted McCarthy spreading and instituting the Red Scare in the ‘50s? Here we have the pot not only calling the kettle black, but adding to what degree.

When Gorbachev declared the Soviet Union bankrupt and turned to open markets, did he believe that the United States would come along to help? In World War II, or as the Russians call it, the Great Patriotic War, American steel and tens of thousands of vehicles were given by the United States, and in return the ratio of American to Russian deaths was 1 to 50.

A great opportunity was lost to rekindle another success at the time of perestroika. The point is, Americans want it both ways without seeing both sides. Ignore Russia at your own peril, it’s a Third World country taking up 10 time zones, disguised recently at a “superpower.”

So what about Russian hacking? Who doesn’t do it, even at high levels? What role does WikiLeaks play? Snide emails were exposed, shedding light on the shady workings of the Hillary campaign without comment or coercion. A crime in principle, but thank God we sampled the incestuous nature of what would have been a Hillary administration. That aside, Trump had the greater calling and would have won anyway.

Fred Stewart
Grand Junction

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