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Letter: Throw the bums out

All of U.S. Congress — 100 senators and 435 representatives alike — need to go. What have any of them done for the American people? Staging a sit-in because they aren’t adult enough to compromise and get things done. They are adults acting like toddlers fighting over their toys. They only think of themselves and not the millions of citizens of the United States they are supposedly representing. They are not defending the Constitution. All they want to do is save their jobs and line their pockets.

We need to fire all congressmen and senators in both parties and show them who is boss. I am so fed up with representatives who have been sent to Washington by the people. They are not making decisions for us by listening to what we want.

Let’s begin a concerted effort to get them all out of office. We didn’t send them to Washington to give them a job for life and to become very rich using our tax dollars to benefit themselves. We need to get term limits in place. Let’s start a movement across the United States to get this done.

Marilyn Hall


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