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Letter: Tipton attack ad boomerangs

Now that we are in the final days of the election, the shady out-of-state money and attacks are at full volume. I was actually amused, however, when I read an ad which stated that “Gail Schwartz doesn’t listen.”

This is so far from reality that I had to laugh out loud. For everyone who was so well represented by Gail in the Statehouse, we know better. And she did not merely serve a narrow segment of partisan supporters, but a truly broad spectrum of Western Slope citizens. Whether on protecting land for ranching, hunting and recreation, or fighting for schools and water, Gail was a true bipartisan who sought and fought for solutions.

Just check her record or ask someone who she represented – like the full community around Carbondale who have come together to protect Thompson Divide. This group included the complete political spectrum and citizens of all types and stripes. Tipton only listened to his big campaign funder, who (still) wants to drill where all the locals object. Note – this is by no means a blanket rejection of oil/gas development but only for a specific area. Tipton ignored citizens and is following his out-of-state special interest funders.

Guess that’s why both the Daily Sentinel and the Glenwood Springs Post Independent have endorsed her — which is a remarkable and unusual action for both papers. They realize that Gail will do a far better job of working in our interests from Washington.

On the other hand, maybe the real meaning of the ad was that Gail doesn’t listen to the narrow special interests that are funding Scott Tipton – now that would make more sense. Please see through the smoke and deception and vote for Gail Schwartz.

Dave Munk

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