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Letter: Tipton: Meet your public

I recently moved to the Western Slope and have enjoyed meeting my friendly neighbors. Unfortunately, I have one neighbor who seems to be avoiding me. When I call, it usually goes to voicemail, and he’s never around the neighborhood. This neighbor is Rep. Scott Tipton.

Rep. Tipton has not held a public event or town hall in almost a year. Even though Congress had a “District Work Period” this week — a time off from Congress specifically designed for representatives to meet with their constituents — Rep. Tipton had no plans to hold any public events. In fact, Rep. Tipton’s staff said he has no public events scheduled nor any plans to schedule one at any point in the foreseeable future.

Over the past 10 years, I have lived in six different congressional districts in six different states. By attending public events, I had the chance to meet elected officials in all these places, from local town council members to the president of the United States. I’ve agreed with the policies with some of these politicians and disagreed with many, but they were all willing and happy to hear the concerns of their constituents and attempt to explain their positions to their voters.

Why can’t Rep. Tipton do the same? If he doesn’t have the guts to talk to some of his constituents who might disagree with him, how can we expect him to stand up to the lobbyists and interest groups in Washington? How can our voices be heard in D.C. if our own congressman won’t even listen to us? Rep. Tipton, it is your job to listen to the thoughts and concerns of the people you represent. Please do your job.

Andy Zack

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