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Letter: Tipton’s false attack

Rep. Scott Tipton’s recent attack ad on Gail Schwartz is false. That is the most charitable way to put it. The footage of abandoned buildings — empty for years or decades — have nothing to do with the recent downturn in coal mining. The implication that Hotchkiss’ loss of two of its three gas stations is also connected is false.

I challenge Mr. Tipton to explain how the Maverick closing eight years ago – when all three mines were in top production — is related to a bill passed in 2013.

Which gets to the nugget of the lie: that SB252, which then-state Sen. Gail Schwartz co-sponsored, somehow led to the mines’ closures. That bill was supported by our local electric co-op and was good for our community. It increases incentives for projects like the first-ever (west of the Mississippi) coal mine methane power plant that captures, and coverts to power, methane that continues to escape from these mines, whether open or closed. That project was built in partnership with numerous entities, including the Oxbow Mine, where it is located.

After six years in office, at a total tax-funded salary of nearly $1 million, Tipton should have a record to run on. Apparently he doesn’t, and instead must run by spreading falsehoods.

I support Gail Schwartz for Congress. She has visited the valley many times, and wants to help move us forward. That Tipton chooses to divide us in this difficult time makes him unfit for that office.

Pete Kolbenschlag


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