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Letter: Tipton’s vote

It is critical that every resident in Colorado District 3 knows what “our” representative, Scott Tipton, voted for in Washington.

He voted to take health care away from all the working poor currently covered under the Medicaid expansion (149,000 Colorado families). He voted to raise premiums on everyone over age 50 by $3,000-$5,000 a year. He voted to allow Insurance companies to raise premiums on those with pre-existing conditions (about half our population) with no cap. These groups will probably drop insurance rather than pay the unaffordable premiums.

He voted to allow even employer insurance companies to again put caps on how much they will pay on policies annually and in a lifetime — allowing the return of medical bill bankruptcies.

In short, he voted to close every one of our rural hospitals and clinics in western Colorado. No hospital can sustain expenses when nearly half the population is uninsured. He did this despite the efforts of the AARP and all medical providers being against this legislation.

Remember this.

Regardless what happens in the Senate with the AHCA, Scott Tipton voted to take away your health care and close our hospitals.

Carol Nudell



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