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Letter: Tired of selfish rants

So the tea partiers, the tenthers, the birthers, the tear-drenched Glen Beck followers, the Limbaugh lovers, the town hall screamers, and others against health-care reform are upset about government interference in our lives? Here are some questions for them.

Where were you in the eight years that George Bush was president?

Did you demonstrate against the lies that George Bush told to get us into the Iraq war where we lost so much blood and treasure?

Did you march on Washington and hold local meetings regarding the Bush administration listening to our private phone conversations and spying on us all?

Bush and Cheney’s legal eagles declared that the pres and vice pres were above the Constitution and therefore can’t be prosecuted. Having a president and vice president declare themselves above the Constitution must have really, really upset you. But did you march on Washington or write letters to your congresspersons about that?

Did you marshal all your forces when the Bushies gave huge tax breaks to the oil companies while they were making huge — bordering on obscene — record-setting profits?

Did the elders among you call your congresspeople and ask to be removed from that commie/socialist Medicare program?

Were you upset enough to march on Washington and demonstrate locally when the Bush administration gave corporations huge tax breaks that amounted to a piddling 5 percent corporate tax rate?

Did you write letters and demonstrate when the Bush administration ran up the national debt and practically bankrupted the nation?

The Bush administration gave out the first money under the TARP program. Did you protest that?

When you learned that the richest 1 percent of the U.S. population has more financial wealth than 95 percent under them combined did you march and holler?

When you heard about the $8.8 billion in U.S. cash money that went missing in Iraq, did you yell and scream about that?

Did you demonstrate and write your congresspeople when you heard that thousands, (yes, thousands) of U.S. corporations and hedge funds set up headquarters in the Cayman Islands in order to avoid paying their fair share of U.S. taxes?

I’m tired of hearing the constant, irresponsible and irrational attacks on President Obama just because he’s trying to help 50 million uninsured have-not Americans get some form of sensible, effective health care — a right that should be guaranteed to us all.

Everyone has heard your selfish rants on that one loud and clear.

Charles Loomis

Glenwood Springs

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