Abbott: So sad for America |

Abbott: So sad for America

Carol Abbott

Whether pro- or con-abortion, anyone with conscience should be shocked that all charges have been dropped against abortion Dr. Gosnell.

Babies born live (were killed), and one woman died. Body parts were found all over the clinic. This is simply a horror story that will now be swept under the rug again as Obama gives a speech to Planned Parenthood.

Please, folks, wake up. There is evil in America doing its dirty business every day while innocents have to suffer the consequences.

Our administration is soft on terror: Obama’s middle name might be a good clue to that. How long are we going to put up with gutter morality and values or a mainstream media that will not tell the truth? Isn’t it time to stand up and tell it like it is regarding our anything goes, socialist government in Washington D.C.?

Money elects representatives and presidents, we don’t. It will get worse when we have no defense against a monster government whose agenda is to make us slaves and put one world government in place via the United Nations. This is the hidden truth.

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