Americans are rich and wasteful |

Americans are rich and wasteful

Boy do I love a debate, especially when the results contemplate pertinent issues.

I wrote a letter last month pertaining to the oil and gas industry’s desire to begin fracking around an otherwise pristine area close to Silt. Our water supply has already been diagnosed as unhealthy to human consumption. Guess that makes the residents of this area an endangered species.

The only response of which I am aware was from a fellow who accused me of not only using my computer to submit the letter — don’t have one, nor do I know how to use one — but he also suggested that I “run my Prius on mule dung.” Had to look that up. Found out it’s a car. Don’t have one of those either, although I do have a tungsten/carbide store-bought ball joint and tierod (hip).

So I came back to the small town life so I could get around more easily. By the way, I sold all three of my Subarus before I came.

The same letter writer called me “high and mighty.” He doesn’t know me. There have been many adjectives to describe me — some cannot be printed —but I promise that “high and mighty” has never been used in a sentence with my name. Ask anyone who knows me. They’ll laugh.

I am simply trying to compel everyone to consider this: True Americans are not an endangered species. We are the richest, most powerful people on the planet. We are also the most wasteful, greedy, overindulgent and apathetic toward the environment. Think about it.

“Uncle” Joe Lewis


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