Another example of government waste |

Another example of government waste

American citizens should feel free to bill the IRS for the $49 million in taxpayers money that they wasted on needless agency conferences. This IRS waste of taxpayer money came to the surface in recent congressional hearings. Now, the IRS joins the government waste club with the General Services Administration.

According to a recent Associated Press article, the White House budget office had set a cap on agency conference spending at $500,000. I don’t understand the need for government agencies to hold motivational or award conferences at taxpayer expense. There should not be any conferences of this type. Their motivation should be from having a government job.

The IRS should be shut down for a lengthy period for an agencywide audit. I think that there is more waste there than they are telling us. Do you ever notice that American citizens never get compensated for the any of the billions of wasted taxpayer dollars due to the federal government’s negligence?

I will hold a conference free of charge for IRS agency leaders and employees on how to collect trillions of dollars from American corporations and overseas accounts of the wealthy 1 percent. It won’t cost one taxpayer dollar.

The IRS employees need a conference on how to do their jobs.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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