Bridge remains? |

Bridge remains?

It’s been announced that the Grand Avenue Bridge piers are history. Maybe not quite true. Seems the middle one in the river was jackhammered down below water level, but not totally removed.

I’m thinking of the pier foundation in the river just downstream. It was put there by the old highway department for the temporary Pitkin Avenue bridge while the old Grand Avenue bridge was being built, (what a novel idea) and it is still there. You can see it at low water and it has claimed one boy’s life so far.

Are we going to be left with two deadly piers in our high-traffic river? I don’t know what the giant cranes placing girders right now can do, but wouldn’t it be nice to finish the job and get rid of the two killers?

P.S. – Please don’t buy excuses like “The pool would be upset,” “It’s not in the contract,” or “The Army Corps can’t act in time.”

Dean Moffatt

Glenwood Springs

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