Code revisions should go to a vote |

Code revisions should go to a vote

Over the past several weeks there have been numerous PI letters to the editor voicing opposition to Garfield County Commissioners Mike Samson’s, John Martin’s and Tom Jankovsky’s insistence upon revising the County Comprehensive Plan – Land Use Codes.

The three Republican commissioners have conjured up the theory that the existing Land Use Codes are an obstruction to local economic development. Yet there are hundreds of local residents who adamantly disagree and have memorialized their opposition to Samson’s, Martin’s and Jankovsky’s overhaul by signing a formal petition (brought forward by Anita Sherman of Glenwood Springs), that is now part of the public record.

What is missing from this public debate is the fundamental and inalienable-right of: “The Consent of the Governed.” The most equitable and constitutionally compliant way to resolve the issue is for the question to be put on the next general election ballot and let “The Consent of the Governed” be the deciding factor.

If Samson, Martin and Jankovsky are so blinded by personal hubris to refuse to take this very divisive issue to We the People of Garfield County in the next general election, then it is time for We the People of Garfield County to punish their shameless impudence by recalling all three.

Carl McWilliams


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