Council must mend differences |

Council must mend differences

I am concerned about the conflict regarding members of the City Council around the appointment of our new city manager. I am certainly not privy to the process in which Mr. Gorgey was selected to that position. However, I feel very disappointed that Stephen Bershenyi has been asked to resign by three council members for speaking out about what he believes to be a violation in the way Mr. Gorgey was appointed.

Steve Davis was quoted in the Post Independent as saying, “If he feels that way, I think he should resign.” Michael Gamba is quoted as stating, “It’s my hope that Stephen chooses to participate in a functional way or he chooses to resign.”

This while both Davis and Kathryn Trauger acknowledged a mistake earlier this year when they may have erred in having Davis join Gamba and Trauger at a meeting they were having with Terry Partch to review the revised RFTA Access Control Plan.

Stephen Bershenyi was elected at large by the residents of Glenwood, and it is not up to other City Council member to ask for his resignation because there is a disagreement on the council. If members of the electorate are unhappy with the way Stephen Bershenyi is serving his time, I think that would be dealt with properly by them.

It appears to me that all members of the council need to put aside their egos and commit to work together for the good of all the residents of Glenwood. I agree with Mr. Gamba, who was quoted as saying, “We have a lot to get done,” and as a community member, I am concerned that having a split council will not be good for any of us.

Working together on any council or board is not an easy task, especially when new people are elected and the composition of the board changes. More time, effort and education is needed to listen and hear everyone’s concerns. If mediation is necessary to go forward with ongoing board issues, please call someone in to help.

As a longtime downtown resident I am aware of the coming need to all work together to make the construction of the new bridge as problem-free as possible. While differing opinions are inevitable, a divided board does not bode well for the community.

Kathryn Trauger’s frustration at being accused of unethical behavior is understandable, but I don’t agree that she has no recourse. I believe the best recourse she has, along with all of the other council members, is to work together in the most positive way as possible, even when conflict arises, as it will, always taking into account whatever they may believe to be most beneficial for all community residents.

Sheila Markowitz

Glenwood Springs

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