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Donate to One Fund Boston

On April 15, a lucky few had the honor and privilege of participating in one of the world’s great sports events. For nearly five hours, a crowd estimated in the hundreds of thousands cheered, screamed and encouraged family and friends as if they were every one a champion, and strangers as if they were family, only to be silenced by the pointless act of two demented fools.

Those injured were largely not even runners, but spectators who had come to cheer them on; true innocent bystanders, and many of them will have — in addition to their injuries and losses, which cannot be compensated — heavy expenses not covered by whatever insurance they may have, and so a fund has been set up to assist them.

If you have ever run a race, or been encouraged by the cheers of strangers, or were simply moved by the tragedy of the 117th Boston Marathon, I hope you will consider joining me in donating to One Fund Boston (

Robin Schiller


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