Don’t be one of the sheep |

Don’t be one of the sheep

Some widely varied thoughts on the Boston bombing and manhunt.

First this: It is a dark night; your city is under lockdown because an armed terrorist who may also have explosives is on the loose. He is known to be wounded, armed and desperate. You have checked all the locks many times. Your wife is quietly freaking out. The kids are safe upstairs in their room, when suddenly they shout that they see a man in the backyard. Don’t you wish you had a firearm and the training to use it about now?

Lockdown is a prison term. What happened in Boston was undeclared Martial Law, nothing less. You will see more of it in the future because the sheep meekly accepted it in the name of safety. Do you actually believe that if the citizenry had been about their business, an armed, bloody man could have run loose outside the police perimeter without being seen?

It was the citizens, all the way folks. Who came up with the pictures to identify the bombers in the first place? Who told the police on several crucial occasions where the fugitive was?

The police response in specific was fantastic overkill, and now we are trained. The media who didn’t quite tell the whole story worked the public into a TV twit and forgot the world.

Don’t think so? The massive explosion in West, Texas, killed 14, 10 of those first responders; it leveled half of the town. It blew away a school, a nursing home, and numerous homes. The situation was that day and continues to be, vastly beyond available local resources. It is probable that the corporation who owned the plant had violated (again) many of the numerous laws in place to allegedly protect the citizens from just such a catastrophe.

I’d bet money not one of those “criminal” corporate executives even saw a cop that week. The corporate media, and therefore the nation, virtually ignored that catastrophic event for an entire week.

Just some thoughts on the future of our nation. I hope you won’t say Baaa…

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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