Family Enrichment Center is best for Carbondale |

Family Enrichment Center is best for Carbondale

The Gordon Cooper library site is a wonderful opportunity for the town of Carbondale. Bought and paid for by the people of Carbondale it is my belief that its future use should benefit those people. It is a public space that should be used by the public.

There are many very good artists in our area. Why should we subsidize just one? While I enjoy Mr. Surls’ work, I would not benefit from a museum dedicated to his work. The museum may attract visitors but they would not care about that location. I foresee far more downtown traffic being generated by people going to or from classes and performances or families going to or from their enrichment.

There are five art galleries on Main Street including the clay center. And we have CCAH, which does a great job of showing local artists work. Diversity is always a good idea for a local economy.

Children are our future and our public. In these stressful times families need all the help they can get and so the Family Enrichment Center gets my vote.

Kim Stacey


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