Free Press Letter: National Park status for Colorado National Monument good for the majority |

Free Press Letter: National Park status for Colorado National Monument good for the majority

It’s sad to see how narrow minded people are when it comes to what is good for the majority and what they want for themselves. I attended several public forums on the change of Colorado National Monument to a park. I tried to see their side, but when they talked about a benefit to them instead of a benefit to the people of the Grand Valley, I just couldn’t see their point.

I have been a real estate broker for nearly 40 years in the valley and there isn’t anything harder than to see a family in tears because I just told them their house won’t sell for enough to pay off the existing mortgage. I have seen the economy go bust three times because the energy industry left the area. We had a chance to have an industry that would sustain the economy. A national park is just like any industry that would move into the area; it would bring jobs and prosperity to the people of the area. It is also the perfect industry — people come, leave their money in the valley, and then go away.

For those woefully uninformed, the Colorado National Monument is run by and staffed with exactly the same people who would run it as a national park! The next time you see a ranger, ask them if they have ever worked at a national park and they will say yes because parks and monuments are run by the same people with the same rules!

Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park aren’t the personal property of Jackson, Wyo.; Rocky Mountain isn’t the personal property of Estes Park, Colo; and the Colorado National Monument isn’t the personal property of the Grand Valley. We are unique in all the world and it is selfish to not share it.

If you think the natural gas and oil people will be in the valley forever, remember the monument when they pull out and the value of your house drops by 50 percent, or more. No matter what side you are on, there is an easy way to show it; vote in the next election.

Mike Shults

Redlands, Colo.

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