Free Press Letter: Support for Israel |

Free Press Letter: Support for Israel

For the past several years, day in and day out, the people of Israel have had to endure rocket attacks coming from the terrorist organization that runs Gaza called Hamas. This terrorist organization indiscriminately targets Israeli civilians and uses innocent Palestinians as human shields. The world should demand that Hamas immediately renounce the use of violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state.

No one should expect Israel to stand idly by while its citizens are the targets of continued rocket attacks. Every country’s and every government’s primary responsibility is to protect its citizens. The government of Israel and the people of Israel should not be held to any other standard. If we, in the United States, had missiles being fired onto our innocent civilians from across the border, we would move across the border to stop those terrorists from killing our people and do what we could to prevent those attacks from happening again. That is what Israel is doing.

On this issue, we express our unconditional support for the State of Israel and our solidarity with its beleaguered citizens.

Miriam Greenwald, David Eisner, David Edwards, Lay Leaders, Congregation Ohr Shalom

Ellen Wells, Joseph E. Breman, Barbara Eisner, Norman and Judy Noble, Betty Blevins, Henry and Rachel Wheeler, Judith Greenwald, Marion Greenwald Tirado, Aaron and Beth Long, Maurice and Barbara Grosby, Kathy Smith, Shirley Schultz, May Chariton, Amy Rogers, George and Gayle Gerson, Lesley Golub

Grand Junction, Colo.

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