Free Press Letter: The question of morality |

Free Press Letter: The question of morality

In a recent letter (FP, 8/8/14), L.W. Hunley suggested that ink and paper could be saved if Robyn Parker’s liberal biased column was shortened. Hunley, using forced sarcasm, also asserted that Parker believes liberals to be morally superior to conservatives.

Having raised the question of morality, I decided to test Hunley’s assertion. For the test I compared crime statistics for Grand Junction, a decidedly conservative city, with Boulder, Colo, ostensibly a liberal city. Using 2013 crime statistics from each city’s police department, 13 crimes were judged comparable. In terms of absolute numbers, Grand Junction led Boulder in: Murder, rape, robbery, auto theft, fraud/forgery, vandalism and weapon violations. When adjusted for differences in population size, Grand Junction (pop. 59,868) also led Boulder (pop. 101,824) in burglary, assaults, DUI, and liquor violations.

Of the 13 crimes compared, Grand Junction led Boulder in 12; Boulder led Grand Junction only in aggravated assault. These data show overwhelmingly that conservatives are much more likely to commit immoral acts (i.e., crimes) than liberals, and therefore Hunley’s sarcastic claim (that conservative hold the moral high ground) is incorrect.

The value of an opinion depends on the evidence that supports it. Otherwise it may not be worth the ink and paper required to print it.

John Jenkins, Ph.D.

Grand Junction, Colo.

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