Free Press Letter: Water & energy intimately tied |

Free Press Letter: Water & energy intimately tied

Many of us feel that water issues, especially in a bio region such as Mesa County, are intimately tied to energy-use conservation, and cooperation among ourselves in a stigmergic fashion.

Oil extraction has hit its peak, and corporate think tanks know natural gas fracking produces carcinogens and issues with aquifers. Revitalization of an aquifer that is damaged takes a long time, and it includes care for other species; it is a very, very slow natural process that occurs so that healing can take place.

So carpooling and vehicle entrainment actions are assumed necessities, as is public transportation. What also might be good is more community effort at maintaining our core-area trees and vegetation. The community gardens are great, and are models for self sufficiency.

Definitely pruning could help, and I wish the business of ethanol production from wood chips, yielding good soil building charcoal, was still around.

David Hays

Grand Junction, Colo.

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