Free Press Letter: Won’t eat at Shooters, but not because of guns |

Free Press Letter: Won’t eat at Shooters, but not because of guns

While I applaud Shooters Restaurant [in Rifle, Colo.] for their bold move, I will NOT dine there.

I have no problem with waitresses wearing loaded pistols on their hips, or inviting their patrons to do the same. It’s legal in Colorado to open carry your weapon. Heck, my first boyfriend always had a .22 pistol on his hip! I don’t own guns, but that’s my choice, just as it’s others’ choice to own guns. Good move not serving alcohol. Very responsible. The concealed carry classes are a wonderful marketing idea, too. I’m always for gun education.

What I do not agree with is their “throwing Jesus all over the restaurant.” Patrons have always been free to pray before a meal in every restaurant I have frequented, so I do not understand the need to inject Jesus into a public dining experience.

I have said this time and again, and I will say it once more; religion has no business in business, just as politics has no business in business. It’s just bad business to combine these things as you will inevitably offend potential customers, like myself.

As an aside, I wonder how much their insurance is costing them. What with all those guns and all. Hmmm …

When Shooters decides to remove the religious element from their establishment I will give them my business. Good luck to them in their new venture.

Laura Wachler

Grand Junction, Colo.

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