Friday letters: building moratorium, PitCo and public transit, COVID response thanks, government overreach |

Friday letters: building moratorium, PitCo and public transit, COVID response thanks, government overreach

Editor’s note: We’ve unpublished a letter that called for placing people in concentration camps. It was wrong of us to run it in the first place and not only violates our submission rules but is generally against the pale of decency. We apologize for our error and will do everything we can to avoid making a similar one in the future.

Building moratorium needed

Open letter to Glenwood Springs City Council:

In the aftermath of the horrific wildfire that roared through Boulder County on Dec. 30, can we finally get real about the wildfire threat that exists in our own backyard?

Please support and put into place a building moratorium on large developments, while at the same time initiating and executing our evacuation plans for our city; not on paper but actual exits, signage and whatever it takes including engaging all entities involved.

My family and I left our house with clothes on our back and pets only during Coal Seam Fire; the one that couldn’t jump the river!

The threat is real, the fear is real, and the time is now!

Susie Straus

Glenwood Springs

PitCo should pay for itself

I live in Garfield County and read the valley newspapers. Garfield County pays for the schooling, hospitals, police, etc., for the Aspen/Snowmass workers from down valley.

If Aspen/Snowmass was serious about reducing traffic on Highway 82 they would build affordable apartments instead of affordable housing.

I like Pitkin County, but I like Garfield County more. Pitkin County should be paying 100% for the buses.

Paul Owens

Glenwood Springs

COVID response thanks

I don’t think we say it enough and I would like to offer my thanks to all the hard-working medical workers and public health officials of our valley.

Right before the holidays I was on a work call and I found out I had a possible COVID exposure and wanted to test before spending time with family. I told my colleagues that I was going to try to test and in less than 45 minutes I was able to secure a testing appointment for free, get the test in a matter of minutes, and be on my way. My colleagues were absolutely astounded.

In many parts of the country getting a test is a multi-day saga of red tape or waiting for hours. But our community has put together a network of testing options that really make a difference.

This isn’t the first time I have been impressed with the thoughtful, coordinated work of our medical and public health teams. My parents were the first parents of any of my friends around the country to get a vaccine in late 2020. This was weeks and even months before others. And then again this fall there were frequent and easily accessible boosters for those who wanted them.

I know the past almost two years have been especially challenging ones for public health and medical workers and I just want to say thank you for all you have been doing. It hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

Ty Bretthorst

Glenwood Springs

Bottom line is freedom

I am afraid our small mountain town has now gone the way of big cities we read about in the news. I am talking about power hungry politicians, and the city’s new mask mandate order effective 12/29/21 is the newest example.

The order is signed by Assistant City Manager, “acting’ as City Health Officer who also heads Economic, Community Development. Wait, what? She has the power to order all of us in Glenwood Springs to wear a mask at all times while indoors.

No data was cited in the order so I dug into it myself. The last statement is true. According to the CDC website Garfield County in the last seven days (12/29/21), case transmissions are up 300 or 147%. However, deaths are down, showing less than 10 but no exact number and new hospitalizations are three. That’s right, only three.

If the goal is to get both those numbers to zero, that is just not going to happen. What the data should tell us is transmission is high but serious illness is low. The order also suggests in section 1.c that there is scientific evidence mask wearing reduces risk of transmission which is just not true. There are findings to the contrary.

This bullying of government officials over the populace has to stop now. Governor Polis said on Dec. 13, 2021 he won’t be implementing another statewide mask mandate, the virus is over. Adding everyone has had ample time to get the vaccine. That is how it should be. If you want to wear the mask, you have the “freedom” to do so; if you do not want to wear the mask, you have that same freedom.

Scott H. Black

Glenwood Springs

Overbuilding Carbondale

According to the “Existing Conditions” section for the draft Comp Plan for Carbondale, 382 bedrooms are in construction or approved for Carbondale. Assuming only one occupant per room, and that 75% of those people intend to work, 285 workers join Carbondale.

I do not see 285 new jobs from new or expanding businesses here (Sopris Lodge, the new lumberyard, another bank, small retail). The 2010 existing conditions report said that 65% of local workers commute to jobs, probably mostly to Snowmass Village, Aspen and Willits. The last 10 years of upvalley expansion and the new residents could push us over the 75% line.

Cushing Terrell says, “Carbondale is evolving away from its historical role as a bedroom community dedicated to serving affluent up-valley resort areas.”

No, we are moving deeper into “bedroom community” with each residence. Is this what we want?

Jay Coursey


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