Friday letters: SkiCo ‘green’, pandemic math, fascism |

Friday letters: SkiCo ‘green’, pandemic math, fascism

SkiCo ‘green’ is a joke

Every time I read (yet another) article about how SkiCo is pushing green, it makes me want to puke. Simple observations show that thousands and thousands of cars and trucks commute from as far away as Parachute all the way up to Aspen on a five-day-a-week schedule — up valley and back.

Glenwood Springs AM and PM is more like a parking lot for all the “green” workers who have to travel to Aspen in order to serve the rich and (green) famous. This alone is a massive carbon footprint (but it’s not Aspen’s fault, mind you!). Wake up and realize the “SkiCo Green” hype that they keep spewing is a joke.

Then SkiCo decided to do a “melting gondola” art piece. They didn’t address the high carbon footprint of all the jets coming in and out of the Aspen airport or the thousands of vehicle commuters. Instead, they decided to show a melting gondola and mention that they are pitching crap to Congress to stop the carbon footprint. Really? Stop the jet-fueled and commuter pollution right within your valley and town first, before preaching to others how “they” should help with global warming. Such hypocrisy!

I left Aspen Valley Hospital the other day heading down valley — at 10 a.m. — and there were five jets in line to take off. Talk about green! Nothing says green more than jets on the tarmac waiting, burning fuel, waiting for some other celebrity or multimillionaire or -billionaire to land before they are cleared for take-off.

If SkiCo wants to go “green,” they should go local and show us that they really mean it: Shut down the airport to private jets, and provide local housing for the worker bees who have to commute to Aspen, and get rid of RFTA (another Aspen created entity created in order to provide servants to the privileged).

This would reduce tons of carbon. Until that happens, all other “Aspen green” campaigns are just a bunch of BS. Local first, then global.

I, for one, am not fooled. Actions speak louder than words.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

Pandemic math

While the pandemic is going to be with us until we get the whole world vaccinated, we can cut its infection rate dramatically here in the states. It’s all about reducing the number of people an infected person can subsequently infect.

We can drive down that rate with the following measures: 1) vaccinations, 2) masks, 3) social distancing and 4) self-testing and self-quarantining when infected. Much is made that none of these measures are 100% effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19. The important thing is that they do not have to be 100% effective, because, when combined, they achieve higher rates of effectiveness.

The COVID-19 omicron variant is highly infectious and likely to have an infection rate over two. Let’s say it is in fact three. That means one person infects three, who in turn infect nine, who in turn infect 27, etc. You quickly have high numbers of infections due to this. Conversely if we can get the infection rate below 1, say one-third, then 27 people would only infect nine, who would infect three, who would infect one, thereby ending the spread of the infection.

Let’s take an infection rate of three and further say that each of the above measures are only 50% effective. Then by applying any one measure results in a 1.5 infection rate, any two = 0.75, any three = 0.0375, all 4 = 0.1875. So in this example, by applying any two measures, we can drive the infection rate below 1 (0.75), a rate at which the infection will die out.

While the actual effectiveness rates of the measures will differ from the above, applying as many of them as you can will still help stop the spread. Please do your part. The person you save could be you or yours.

Jerome Dayton


Words in the face of fascism

As the anniversary of Jan. 6, 2021, “protest” in our nation’s Capitol approaches, I wish to address those who would celebrate the date as an act of patriotism against a “stolen” election.

Yes, our democracy is failing, but not because of election fraud. America is threatened because a sizable population stopped participating in the conversation a long time ago. Quite a lot of you are clutching your guns, and your message is loud and clear: It’s our way or no way at all. We have the weapons, and we are no longer interested in listening to anyone who disagrees.

It’s a safe assumption that those of you who support the violence of Jan. 6 also called for the firing of NFL players who kneeled during national anthems to bring attention to the inequalities of our country. Conversely, the Washington, D.C., riot resulted in the deaths of several people and vandalism to the U.S. Capitol based on the Tweets of a narcissist billionaire and Facebook conspiracy theories.

I know plenty of you who would point to the Black Lives Matter protests in retort, but there is a key difference. On a per-capita basis, the large BLM demonstrations were mostly peaceful, and their core message was that they wished to see progress made on America’s boast of “liberty and justice for all.” Yet the BLM movements were met by legions of police and white militias with combat gear. Meanwhile, the gathering of mostly white people outside Congress last January was met with minimal law enforcement. That mob broke into the Capitol, injuring police, and even sought to hold Congressional members hostage. Now we are seeing these people revered as “patriots.” So exercising freedom of speech by kneeling quietly during the national anthem amounts to treason, but pillaging the Capitol during a Congressional session is heroic? Do you not see the inequity here?

To those who celebrate Jan. 6, who believe the only way to save our country, is to threaten all who oppose your ideas with bullying and brute force — you are the fascists taking us to war.

Derek Franz


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