Garfield County was right to adopt sage-grouse plan |

Garfield County was right to adopt sage-grouse plan

I am pleased to see that the commissioners adopted the Garfield County Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan on March 18 (via Resolution 2013-23).

Some have alleged the plan is solely focused on protecting oil and gas interests. Having read the plan nothing could be further from the truth.

If the federal government’s current plans are adopted it will dramatically affect grazing, recreation, travel, hunting and fishing, wild horse herd management, as well as mineral and oil and gas development. The plan adopted by the county is balanced and scientifically based. It protects the species, but does not do so in the drastic ways the federal plans would.

I urge everyone to find the county plan on the website and read it to get the facts.

Glenn Vawter

Glenwood Springs

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