Garfield County’s fireworks ruling is ludicrous |

Garfield County’s fireworks ruling is ludicrous

What can I say that editors will allow you to read? Well I can’t tell you cause you’re not likely gonna get to read it anyway. Am I inspiring,obtrusive,ignorant,compulsive,annoying — yes — or simply provocative? I like to think I inspire people in an annoying way.

The question was: Should people be able to use fireworks in this tender box environment so that one man won’t be deprived his livelihood? NO.

But I must add that being able to buy them, but not fire them,is to say the least ludicrous.

When I was 6 I could buy cigarettes, but I couldn’t smoke em’.

Don’t get me wrong. I love fireworks. Used to have bottle rocket fights all the time, but then came cedar shakes. They’re bottle rocket intolerant.

I know how to handle gun control too. We’ll sell guns but not bullets. Same political logic.

Think about it,and have a safe Fourth of July.

“Uncle” Joe Lewis


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