Gay’s should be able to raise a family |

Gay’s should be able to raise a family

I think it takes some nerve to say who should and shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. If it’s not your family or your kids, then it’s really not your problem.

What other people decide to do with their life should have nothing to do with their sexual orientation. Do you think that straight people who are killers or rapists would raise kids better than two men? And what women who can’t naturally produce kids on their own, should they just suck it up and deal with it because that’s the way they were made? NO.

Two women or two men who want to be together should still have the right, the JOY, of having a family. It’s not usually their choice to be gay, it’s the way they were made just like you were made to be you. Love is Love no matter. Would you still feel the same if your birth child turned out gay?

Sheridan Sutton

Glenwood Springs

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